Everyone at ORCA shares the common mission of providing the best coffee experience that consumers can get without leaving their home. After years of R&D, we are finally ready to show you the results.

In order to provide the best for our customers, we started from scratch. We  created our own coffee machine and developed our own patented capsule and brewing chamber that produces an optimally roasted, balanced, and smooth espresso, every single time.

However, we didn't stop there. We decided that if we are going to prepare espresso, the coffee itself needs to meet nothing but the highest standards. That is why we we only use the finest assortment of coffee beans from around the world, roasted by expert coffee artisans in the heart of Tuscany, packaged and shipped to you at the fraction of the cost of our competitors.
Because you deserve it.
                                                                                       - The ORCA Coffee Team


We believe that our coffee tastes better than the rest. Here's the science to back it up:

  1. Our patented brewing chamber is designed so that the water flowing through each pod comes into contact with 100% of the pod's coffee grounds, guaranteeing a fuller and richer taste every time. 
  2. Our pods contain eight grams of coffee, which is more than any of the big competitors. This means that your coffee is never diluted with water and you always get more bang for your buck.
  3. Our ORCA Machine brews with 16 bars of pressure at 95 degrees Celsius, which allows a thick "crema" to form on top of every espresso, making it even more delicious.